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Unfortunately, the disputes and problems associated with the building industry are all too commonplace and a serious concern for clients looking to carry out building projects.

Should a dispute arise it can be time consuming and costly and to the clients a considerable distraction, however for the layman this can have a devastating effect.

Disputes often become entrenched with affected parties at loggerheads whilst both the client and contractors suffering with lack of progress and additional costs building up.

We propose to become involved in potential disputes from the very earliest stage and we can assess risk, alone or with other professional advisers, enabling us to provide clients with early advice in confidence which can lead to the avoidance of costly litigation.

We can provide forensic analysis of financial accounts and detailed assessment of contract conditions.

We have wide ranging experience and expertise in construction and are skilled in all forms of dispute resolution including, litigation, arbitration and mediation working with our supply chain partners we can provide a robust and effective response protecting your interests and pursuing compensation and damages when it is appropriate.

We can advise you when it is sensible accept the complaints of the other parties and provide suitable compensation at the earliest opportunity to minimise your exposure.

We will always act in your best interest.

"Duncan had a positive effect at the outset and things improved significantly with the progress and quality, we decided to keep Duncan and his team on site to complete the project and employed him for further works" 

Tim Ravenscroft Tower Bridge London


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