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Energy Efficiency


We have extensive knowledge in energy efficiency and renewable technologies.


Part L of the building regulations relate to the conservation of fuel and power which we always see as a minimum requirement and not what we would expect with the current possibilities in modern construction techniques, wherever possible and in accordance with your requirements we will look to achieve passive house standards or standards as close as practicable depending on the constraints of your scheme.

“The cheapest and most secure energy is the energy we do not use”

We design within your projects with highly efficient insulation, passive standard triple glazed windows, Heat recovery, low temperature heating systems and whole building encapsulation to avoid energy leakage reducing the need for heating and energy generation.

“There has never been clearer international acknowledgement that energy efficiency can be a powerful lever to achieve green­house gas emissions reductions, whilst pursuing sustainable economic growth and energy security”

We investigate all possibilities for renewable energy best suited to your bespoke installation the most common of which are solar, wind and geothermal.


We will propose the use of technologies which are the most efficient, cost effective and least problematic providing a healthy environment with increased comfort, affordability, better air quality whilst adding value to your property.


The combination of these measures provides an excellent environment which is efficient and sustainable providing you a building for a long-term future.

"My professional relationship with Duncan is excellent and we crossed paths again whilst working on the Energy Saving scheme for Family Mosaic at Charlton Triangle we both worked together in developing the design and achieving full planning permission for over 500 properties on 3 estates in just 8 weeks"

Stuart Buckley London

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