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The reports from clients who have previously completed building schemes is all too often one of overspending and whilst many clients are happy with the completed projected they are rarely satisfied with the financial management of the scheme and in some cases the clients have been unable to complete the works due to a shortage in finances.

The provision of an accurate account for your proposed scheme is essential and for some critical to the success of the scheme.

We can help!

We can protect your interests at the outset and we will always obtain best value, we have no allegiances to the supply chain and whilst we have a good knowledge and relationships with suitable suppliers and contractors we will obtain competitive quotations across the marketplace to ensure best value and include you in the decision process.

We can provide comprehensive estimates including detailed breakdowns for each element obtaining the most competitive quotations in real time giving an accurate record of the costs associated with the specified works prior to commencement of the scheme.

We will contact suppliers and obtain several quotes for each element ensuring a competitive approach whilst providing the quality and service you require. (there not much point in saving 10% on a particular item if you have to wait 3 months for delivery).

We will tender the work operations with numerous contractors following our contractor vetting process and provide you with a sealed bid tender process to which you can attend and following a detailed analysis we can agree together the preferred contractor.

Upon completion of the competitive tendering and pricing process we can formulate a detailed estimation of the works including all your likely costs from the feasibility to completion and maintence periods.


We can also provide a service for initial budgets looking at your proposals we can make an informed assessment of likely costs and provide a realistic budget based on our experience on similar projects.

This is a cost effective process and can assist your decisions at the earliest stage as to the extent or whether to proceed with your proposed schemes.


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