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Prior to purchasing land or making formal or financial commitments we can assess your proposal and carry out a feasibility study, make an informed plan with budget costings and typical duration to achieve your dream. 

The feasibility study will include an assessment of the proposed site taking into account the suitability of the plot ensuring the access is credible and safe, assessing the positioning of the site and the proposed development. Ensuring the biodiversity of the site is not affected in a way to prevent development, the historical significance of the plot and the surrounding area, assessment of existing structures on and adjacent to the site, neighbouring properties and concerns, landscape, infrastructure, greenbelt, brownfield, land contamination, watercourses and rights of way.

There are numerous other issues which may affect if the site is feasible and we would suggest a site inspection at the earliest possible opportunity to fully assess the suitability of the proposed plot or redevelopment.

Once the feasibility study of the proposed site has been established we can then look at the financial feasibility taking into account the build costs and likely market values upon completion of the scheme, we can assess the market rents for tenants or holiday and tourist accommodation providing a detailed financial projection over 15 years explaining the benefits and pitfalls of your proposal. Using our construction management skills, we can develop a programme of the proposal from planning to completion giving clarity to the timeline of the project. 

We can give an indicative projection in confidence avoiding undue upset to affected parties should the scheme not proceed.


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