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We can provide detailed financial planning and projections to support your own funding streams such as self-build mortgages, buy to let mortgages and business loans.

We can negotiate with potential private investors to support your plans and opportunities which may otherwise not come to fruition.

We can negotiate potential independent funding based directly on the viability of your scheme and not your personal financial situation.

We will investigate government funding opportunities such as the Home Building Fund, Green Deal, ECO, Rural Development Programme, Retrofit, Retirement home funding, feed in tariffs and many more.

The possible funding opportunities are numerous, however the funding pots are limited so it essential to have the very latest information to maximise the full potential.

We will target potential funders and funding streams aligned to your particular project.

"Duncan remained committed throughout and successfully completed the works on time resulting in over £9.5 million secured in funding and a final account for the works of over £15 million"

Rod MacGillivray London.


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