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The consultation and compliance of the requirements of listed building consent are critical from the outset and we can assist you with the complex issues and numerous hurdles which you need to be overcome.

We have overseen numerous listed building projects both within urban and rural environments and have an excellent understanding of maintaining the essence of the historical values of the buildings including traditional and modernist constructions.

We are passionate conservationists however, we understand the desire to produce schemes which are conserving, sustainable, highly efficient and most of all an effective use of the building within the modern environment.   

We have vast experience in dealing with listed buildings liaising with Historic England, local societies and conservation officers.

We can provide proposals which incorporate the correct methods, materials and designs to accommodate the requirements of listed building consent.

We can carry out or arrange (depending on significance and local conditions) archaeological fieldwork surveys, work monitoring, programming and completion reports whilst consulting with the local archaeology services throughout the project from planning to completion.  

We can provide modern designs which contrast existing listed buildings whilst satisfying the demands of the planning requirements.

"When I decided to carry out a conversion of my 400-year-old listed stone barn Duncan was the first person I contacted, Duncan designed, managed and delivered the entire project and we now have a highly efficient home which is fundamentally a new property encased by an old stone barn, we believe this as an exemplar for barn conversions around the country"

Stewart Wood, Castor

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