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From the purchasing of land to the construction of your project we can assist to provide best value throughout.

We can assist in identifying suitable building land or buildings with potential to convert, demolish or refurbish and subject to a satisfactory proposal we can pursue the procurement of the asset on your behalf obtaining a competitive price and best value.

We will produce a detailed procurement schedule for the entire programme of works followed by a thorough assessment of the supply chain and a competitive pricing process ensuring that we obtain the most competitive purchase prices whilst maintaining quality for all the materials, suppliers and supply chain sub-contractors used in the construction process.

We will tender the sub contract packages with detailed specifications, programming and appropriate robust contractual conditions including damages for late execution of the works.

We will ensure sub-contractors are fully compliant with current requirements regarding Building standards, Mechanical and electrical compliance, Methodology, Health and Safety, Design Liability, Waste Management Compliant, Suitably Trained, Anti-Slavery Regulations and Fit to work in the EU.

We will agree “fit for purpose” payment processes which are contractually binding for all the supply chain minimising the risk and exposure to you. Supply chain sub-contractors will be contractually required to achieve specific project milestones and approved standards of workmanship prior to receiving payments.

We will provide a detailed cash-flow assessment aligned to the contract programme to assist your financial management throughout the scheme.

We will investigate and implement external funding streams for compliant projects to assist your finances.


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