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Dispute Resoloution

Project Management

We can manage your project from the commencement to completion protecting your interests from the outset. 

Trouble Shooter

We are passionate and proud of our achievements as a trouble-shooter when often the eyes of an independent assessor without the confines of personalities and relationships allows a frank honest assessment with practical solutions for even the direst situations which on the face of it appear irrecoverable

Dispute Resolution

We are experienced in dispute resolution minimising the impact to all parties whilst focused on a quick result to avoid delays and minimise potential legal costs 

Compliance, Health and Safety

We can manage the process of compliance and health and safety  throughout your project from pre-commencement to the handover and operations and maintenance documentation. 

"It's my pleasure to recommend Duncan as an excellent consultant, with his high level of expertise, healthy self-confidence and excellent leadership skills. He is hardworking, honest and reliable and we would be pleased to work with him again in the future" Simon Green, Belsize Park London

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