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Unfortunately, the disputes and problems associated with the building industry are all too commonplace and a serious concern for clients looking to carry out building projects.

Should a dispute arise it can be time consuming and costly and to the clients a considerable distraction, however for the layman this can have a devastating effect.

Disputes often become entrenched with affected parties at loggerheads whilst both the client and contractors suffering with lack of progress and additional costs building up.

We can help to overcome the problems by providing the role of a trouble-shooter.

We are passionate and proud of our achievements as a trouble-shooter when often the eyes of an independent assessor without the confines of personalities and relationships allows a frank honest assessment with practical solutions for even the direst situations which on the face of it appear irrecoverable.

We are solutions focused and aware of damage limitation for all parties involved.

We assess the situation swiftly and take action to prevent further haemorrhaging whilst producing an action plan including remedial works and resources.

We act to avoid disputes and focus to remedy the situation quickly and effectively.

we carry out detailed project audits, forensic financial assessment and prepare revised programming.

We get the project back on track and provide a detailed analysis of the situation to enable settlement of any possible damages.

We can remain involved if it is your wish to see the project to completion and settle the final account with your contractors and suppliers.

"The contract was failing and both myself and our client were becoming frustrated with the quality of the works and the progress on site and with this in mind I contacted their Managing Director and he agreed to appoint a trouble-shooter and he subsequently introduced Duncan. The change was immediate as Duncan stopped the progress of works preventing any further defects and then introduced new personnel and reorganised the supply chain, within a very short period things improved significantly and completed works were being signed off with zero defects."

Stuart Buckley London


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